Mulva Cultural Center

Special Events Policy


When you have selected the date for your event at Mulva Cultural Center, a contract will be sent to you to confirm the date. Your signature is required on the contract, which should be returned by the date specified, accompanied by a deposit. The deposit due is 50% of the room rental fee. The deposit, when received, is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your date, your deposit will be applied to the new date if booked within a specified time period. If you need to reschedule the date more than once, your deposit may be forfeited.

The Mulva Cultural Center Event Director will work with you to establish your timeline, menu, and layout, and is responsible for communication with the staff.  This person is not a formal “event planner.”



All federal, state, and local laws regarding food and beverage purchase and consumption will be strictly enforced. The Mulva Cultural Center will not dispense alcoholic beverages to anyone under legal drinking age or to any parties considered under the influence of alcohol. Wisconsin State Statute 12.5.36 prohibits beverages to be carried into the facility.

Catering for all events is handled exclusively by Mulva Cultural Center. Food and beverages are allowed, with restrictions, in the following spaces: Savour on Broadway, the Atrium, Connect, Explore and Examine. Specialty cakes or kosher items must be purchased from a licensed vendor.



Setup may begin no more than two hours before the start of the event. Setup cannot impede visitor traffic or egress. All deliveries must be coordinated by the Center or catering staff.

All events must end by 10:00 p.m. The last call for alcoholic beverages is one half hour before the scheduled end of the event and the bar is closed 15 minutes prior to the event’s end time. Teardown must be completed by 11:00 p.m., unless otherwise authorized. Client has one half hour after the event to gather personal items. Additional charges will be billed for client employees in the Center past 11:00 p.m.



Your room rental fee provides basic set-up of your function space to include tables, chairs, security, and basic audio-visual. A list of audio-visual services is available upon request.



Mulva Cultural Center has an experienced audio‐visual staff to assist with an event. The rate per technician is $60 per hour for events that occur before or after normal Center hours. Should an event require a run-through prior to the event, a technician may be scheduled at the above rate.

The Center’s audio‐visual department has additional equipment that can be rented for events. Please contact the Event Director for more details.



Mulva Cultural Center is a non-profit organization and is pleased to accept event inquiries from non‐profit organizations who wish to host events. Events at Mulva Cultural Center hosted by other non‐profit and for-profit organizations are subject to the following limitations which are intended to avoid conflicts with the Center’s accomplishment of its mission.

No live, silent auction, or other methods of fundraising, may be held during the event.



The Mulva Cultural Center Atrium is open to the general public Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday Noon to 5 p.m., closed on Tuesday. Should your event be scheduled to begin prior to the Center’s opening, the Atrium doors will be opened to your guests 15 minutes prior to the start of your first scheduled function. Special arrangements for admittance can be arranged for set-up time. Please coordinate this with the Event Director.



Your attendees will be asked to access the Atrium via the main entrance to the building, which are the glass doors facing East. Visitor Services staff can assist with ensuring that access is limited to your guests/attendees only. The Visitor Service Desk is located inside the entrance. Should you have a guest/attendee with mobility concerns, elevator access and wheelchair are available.




Room Fee:

$3,000 for 4 hours; each additional hour is $500

Food and Beverage Minimum:



Cocktail 350 / Seated 200 / Buffet 200
*Event set‐up may reduce capacity.



Room Fee:

$750 with food and beverage purchase.
$1,250 without food and beverage purchase.

4-hour rental, each additional hour is $150.

Food and Beverage Minimum:



Seated 20

Included Audio Visual:

Sound System; CD Playback and Connector for Phone and Tablet; TV.



Boasts a 200-seat theater with a state-of-the-art digital 17’ x 33’ screen.

Room Fee:

$2,000 for 4 hours. Each additional hour is $250.


200 Seats

Included Audio Visual:

Podium / 17’ x 33’ Digital Screen / 2 Wireless Microphones.

*No food or drink is allowed in Discover Auditorium.



Clad in a curtain of transparent glass, these two multipurpose learning spaces can transition to accommodate a wide variety of events, including lectures, meetings, and social occasions.

Room Fee:

$500 one side, with food and beverage purchase.
$1,000 one side, without food and beverage purchase.

$750 both sides, with food and beverage purchase.
$1,500 both sides, without food and beverage purchase.

4-hour rental, each additional hour is $100/side.

Food and Beverage Minimum:



Each room

Table seating 32 / Lecture 45 (chairs only.)

Both rooms

Table seating 64 / Lecture 90 (chairs only.)

Included Audio Visual:

Podium / In‐room Sound System / TV / 1 Handheld Microphone.

*Event set‐up may reduce capacity.


Materials brought into the Mulva Cultural Center requiring the use of a cart will be directed to the Mulva Cultural Center loading dock. This includes entertainment, conference materials, cakes, centerpieces, etc. The loading dock is staffed and coordinates deliveries with security staff. Weekend deliveries are by appointment only; please discuss arrangements with the Event Director. For security reasons, please provide the name of the vendor/person along with company name, time of arrival, as well as a description of the delivery to the Event Director for admittance. The loading dock is a secure area. The security staff will contact the Events Department when deliveries are made.

When arriving at Mulva Cultural Center, please check in at the Visitor Services Desk inside the entrance. The entrance to the building is through the glass doors facing East. The Atrium will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 a.m., and Sunday at noon; (closed Tuesday). The use of carts is prohibited on public passenger elevators. Our freight elevator is accessible through the loading dock and prior arrangements must be made with the Event Director.



Due to the structure of the building, helium balloons are not allowed. Balloons used to decorate, other than helium-filled, are acceptable. The use of Silly String, glitter and/or confetti to decorate banquet tables is not allowed. Additional clean up fees will be assessed if glitter or confetti is utilized. The use of fog or vapor machines is prohibited. No staples, tacks or adhesives are allowed on any walls, doors, tables, or chairs within Mulva Cultural Center. Hanging banners are not allowed. All votives or candles must be flameless to avoid danger of ignition.



There will be an additional charge for “Changing the Room Set-up” on the day of the function once the room has been set up as per your original order. For groups up to 30 ($50), groups up to 50 ($75), groups up to 100 ($125), and groups above 100 ($150).



Should guest speaker(s) be included as part of an event, the speaking program and/or topic must be non‐partisan in nature. To confirm compliance with this requirement, each speaker’s name and topic must be submitted in writing to the Center at least four weeks prior to the event for approval.

Should you wish to have entertainment at your function, provide the name and phone number of your entertainment company/entertainer to the Event Director four weeks prior to the event. On the day of your event, your entertainment provider will be required to load-in/load-out per the directions provided by the Event Director.



Please have your vendors check in at the Visitor Services desk in the Atrium.  Cakes from a licensed bakery are not to be delivered more than three (3) hours prior to the start of your event. All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Please make sure that any decorations used, other than flowers, are pre-approved. Please instruct them to contact the Event Director for load-in information. Mulva Cultural Center is not responsible for any items left on the premises before, during, or after the event.



Mulva Cultural Center always has professional Safety and Security Staff on duty. The Center will determine the additional number of Safety and Security personnel required, if any, for each event and notify the Client at the time of booking. There may be additional fees for Safety and Security personnel, particularly if areas outside of normal event spaces are requested. That will be determined on a case‐by‐case basis by the Center’s Events Department. Any non‐Center security personnel or equipment must be approved in advance by the Safety and Security Team.



Lighting restrictions apply in certain event spaces. Please contact the Center’s Events Department for details.



Mulva Cultural Center is a smoke‐free facility. Smoking, vaping, or use of other tobacco products is prohibited in the building or on its premises.



Facilities, premises or equipment cannot be altered or damaged. Should any damage occur, repair costs will be assessed to restore the premises to their original condition. Ordinary wear and tear are expected.



For the safety and comfort of all our visitors, animals are not permitted in Mulva Cultural Center except for guide, signal, and service dogs (as defined by law) All sanitary needs for animals are the responsibility of the guest.



Includes approximately 120 parking spaces and a covered entrance canopy for drop-off and pick up. Additional parking can be found on S. Michigan Street and S. Wisconsin Street.



If you would like to add a tour of Mulva Cultural Center to your event, this can be arranged through the Event Director four (4) weeks prior to your event date.



The Center’s Gift Shop, Splurge, may be open for special events at an additional fee to be determined on a case‐by‐case basis.



The number of people attending your event is required by 11:00 a.m. ten (10) business days prior to the event date. This number will be considered a guaranteed number of attendance, not subject to reduction. If attendance falls below the guarantee, the Client is responsible for the number guaranteed. PRICE GUARANTEE Prices are subject to change and can be confirmed thirty (30) days prior to your event date.



Payment should be made payable to Mulva Cultural Center by credit card or check. Payment for your event, including the estimated food and beverage charges, room rental, and any ancillary charges are required at least seven (7) business days prior to your event date. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. A 22% administrative fee will be applied to all goods and services provided. The local sales tax rate is 5.50% and will be applied to all rentals, food, beverage charges related to your event. If you are tax exempt, please inform the Event Director at the time of booking your event. A copy of your Wisconsin Certificate of Exemption Status will be required for our files. Estimated charges will include state tax if this document is not provided.



The Client hereby agrees to indemnify, protect, and hold harmless, and hereby releases, Mulva Cultural Center from and against any and all claims, damages, actions, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees) other than indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages imposed upon, or incurred by, or asserted against, any of them or the venue, arising out of or associated with the Event.