Charitable Donation Requests

Charitable Donation Guidelines

The Mulva Cultural Center is committed to positively impacting the communities it serves by assisting local schools, organizations, and charities. Non-profit charitable organizations and educational institutions may submit donation requests (1) event per year.

This policy has been developed to create consistency and fairness for organizations that ask for the Mulva Cultural Center’s support. The Center reserves the right to determine which requests it will approve and what item(s) it will donate.


Policy and Procedure

  1. The Center places priority on giving to local qualified 501(c) 3 charitable organizations and nonprofit educational institutions.
  2. All donation requests must include a copy of your IRS determination letter, along with a Charitable Donation Request Form.
  3. Mail or email all requests to:
    Mulva Cultural Center
    Attn: Donation Requests
    221 S. Broadway St.
    De Pere, WI 54115


  4. All requests must be received at least six (6) weeks in advance of the date of the event for which you are requesting the donation.
  5. The Mulva Cultural Center is unable to honor requests or make contributions to the following:
    a. Donations to labor, social or political groups
    b. Donations intended for resale
    c. Donations to fundraisers for individuals
  6. Donated items shall not be sold, auctioned or traded at an event other than the event named on the Charitable Donation Request Form.
  7. The Mulva Cultural Center reserves the right to request the return of any item.

Charitable Donation Request Form

Please read our Donation Guidelines before completing the Donation Request Form. All areas MUST be filled out completely for us to process your request.
Please note the following:

  • Submitting a form does not guarantee the request will be fulfilled.
  • A copy of your IRS determination letter must be submitted with this form.
  • Requests must be received at least six weeks before the date of the event.
  • Items donated are at the discretion of the Mulva Cultural Center.
  • Declined requests: The requesting organization will receive a notification indicating the request has been declined.
  • Approved requests: If a donation has been approved, The Mulva Cultural Center will mail it to your organization.
Submit this form, along with any requested documentation to:

Mulva Cultural Center
Attn: Donation Requests
221 S. Broadway St
De Pere, WI 54115
Phone: (920) 309-8200

Please Note: A completed application is not an agreement to honor your request. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again for a specific event or donation amount. Although we would like to support every worthwhile cause, we must focus our efforts on those that provide the most benefit to the communities we serve. We appreciate the time and efforts of your organization and wish you success with your event.